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Whether you are sitting on a collection of Swedish Krona that you are looking to sell or you’re in the market for some high-quality foreign silver, is here to help. If you love coins and currency, or you’re here to learn, then you have come to the right place.

Coin Shop Stockholm – Coin Dealer Stockholm

As one of the leading coin dealers in Sweden we service thousands of coin collectors across the country, offering free evaluations and the opportunity to buy rare Swedish Kronor, foreign banknotes, and much more.

As nationally respected experts in Scandinavian coins and paper money, we have helped many customers to better understand their collections, to find the perfect coins or notes to expand it, and, in some cases, to sell for a good price.

We are the first stop for anyone looking to buy Swedish coins and anyone looking to sell Swedish coins. If you need the services of the experts at then just click the links and we will be glad to help.

To learn more about Swedish currency, silver coins, gold coins, old coins, and Swedish coin dealers, keep reading.

Coin Shops Sweden – Coin Dealers Sweden

Sweden has been home to traders and merchants for more than 1200 years, which is why modern Sweden is a mecca for coin collectors looking to unearth some treasures.

There are many coin dealers and coin shops in Sweden for you to explore when visiting the country, all of which will give you some insight into the local numismatic industry and the history of Swedish coinage.

  • Selins Mynthandel: Taking advantage of prime real estate in the heart of Stockholm, Selins Mynthandel can take you on a journey through the history of Sweden via its currency. Its vast, priceless collection includes some of the earliest coins ever minted in this country.
  • Westerlunds Mynthandel: Located on a busy Stockholm street, Westerlunds Mynthandel is the perfect hideaway for numismatists looking to explore the history of the Swedish Krona.
  • Strandbergs: Strandbergs Mint is a coin dealer located in Hantverkargatan, Stockholm, with a small selection of historic pieces.
  • Philea: Auctions are a great way to take advantage of your expertise and secure some big bargains, and if you’re in Sweden then Philea is the perfect auction house to help you pickup some deals.
  • Tavex: A good place to peruse local and foreign gold coins, as well as a few silver pieces.
  • Riksbanken: The Riksbanken is the central bank of Sweden and is actually the oldest central bank in the world, having been founded way back in 1668. Anyone interested in the history of Swedish currency and coinage in general will get a kick out of this historic attraction.

There are more coin dealers in Sweden worthy of inclusion, including Hamrin, Nordlinds, and many more, but there just isn’t enough space to do them all justice!

Coin Collection Sweden/Swedish – Evaluating Your Coin Collection

Do you have paper money (Swedish banknotes, foreign banknotes) or coins to sell? We might be able to take them off your hands.

We can evaluate your coin collection for free, checking everything from foreign paper money and coins, to coins and paper banknotes produced here in Sweden. You can sell your coins and paper money collection safe in the knowledge that we will always give you an honest evaluation and a worthy price.

Our numismatic experts have decades of combined experience working with local and foreign currency and this allows us to properly and expertly evaluate every coin and note in your collection. We look for rare coins, collectible coins and old coins, among other things, and we value these based on the current market rates and the condition of the coins.

It can be a little tricky where notes are concerned as the market is not as big, there is no inherent value and they aren’t as easy to keep in good condition. But we will still value these for you.

You can rest assured that if you bring your collection to us for a free evaluation we will give you an honest opinion. And if you like the evaluation and agree with the amount then we can also buy them from you.

However, we can’t guarantee anything as we’re only looking for rare coins and notes and a lot of the currency we appraise does not fall within this category.

Coin Auctions in Sweden and Scandinavia – Online Coin Auctions

As we alluded to above, one of the best ways to secure great deals on rare Swedish Kronor, Swedish banknotes and foreign coins is to visit an auction house, and there are a couple of big ones in Sweden where you can uncover overlooked and undervalued treasures every day.

One of the biggest is Philea, which is located in Svartensgatan, Stockholm. Philea has major auctions once a month. Some of these are all encompassing, selling everything from coins to stamps and notes, others are more specific to one of those items.

You can browse up-and-coming auction lots in the run-up to each auction and you can also place your bids online.

Myntauktioner i Sverige AB / Coin Auctions Sweden, known as Misab also hosts huge auctions several times a year, and it’s worth pencilling this auction house into your calendar along with Philea. If you don’t quite get what you were looking for at one, then you might be able to find it at the other.

Both of them focus on a range of collectibles, but amongst the stamps and the foreign banknotes, you can find some rare Swedish coins, international silver coins, gold coins and more. If you love old coins and have a passion for Swedish currency in particular, these auction houses will be like treasure troves.

Swedish Coins and Paper Money

A lot of fairly common Swedish coins can make good money if you get them in a good condition and sell them to the right dealer. If you find rare coins or commemorative coins, you may be able to make more, but it will all depend on the coin.

Swedish Krona has been the official currency of Sweden since 1873 and before that it used the Riksdaler for 100 years. Prior to the 20th century these coins were often minted in gold and silver, and this remained to be the case (albeit intermittently) until the 1940s, when precious metals were gradually phased out of use.

Old these coins can still be found throughout Sweden and if you have any old silver coins or even gold coins that bear the Krona mark, then you could be sitting on a small fortune.

It’s a great coin to add to any collection and if you already have it in your collection and are wondering just how much it is worth—that’s what our free evaluation is for!